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Being ill treated at interview stage

10 Nov

Recently I’ve been looking to relocate from London up to West Yorkshire – and in the past few weeks I had a number of interviews for a few positions. For two of the jobs I went for, I didn’t have enough experience and wasn’t successful in my application. As disappointing as this was, I can’t blame the company involved because it was my lack of experience that meant I fell short – however, there were two companies who really disappointed me in their response.

My first interview – and reason for travelling to Leeds in the first place – was with a  search agency called Fusion Unlimited. For Fusion, I had an initial interview and was then asked in for a second interview and to make a presentation. From this presentation, I was informed by the recruiter that they were interested in me and that I’d hear back within a few days.

A few days passed and I hadn’t heard anything. It eventually took a couple of weeks for me to find out that they’d put this position on hold – meaning not only was I unsuccessful in going for the job, but it was generally a waste of time attending any interview in the first place.

I understand that sometimes companies have to re-think their strategy and there might have been external reasons for them to put the job on hold, but it seems kind of unfair that I paid over £100 in travel costs to attend an interview for a job that doesn’t exist.

There might have been an important restructuring of costs and budget during this time – but if this is the case, why not advertise any jobs after you know 100% that you’re going to be recruiting.

During the time I was waiting to hear back from Fusion, I decided to get in touch with another company about a similar job – Generate X in Guiseley. I attended a first interview with one of the directors and it seemed to go very well. I was then called in for a second interview in quick succession – and I was quite hopeful about my chances of landing the position.

So now I’m waiting to hear from a second company – and a few days after hearing the news from Fusion – Generate X decide that they’re putting the job on hold too.

Their reasons for holding the job – they’ve just hired sales staff and they’re moving offices in December, so they’re going to wait until the new year before making any decisions. Although this is a legitimate reason, they had full knowledge of this before they decided to advertise the job online. This got me thinking – was it just a case of finding a couple of suitable candidates and keeping them on file until they do need to employ someone? Sorry guys, but if this is the case, you can cross me off the list. I wont let anyone mess me around – and if a company is deceptive in an interview, then it’s not exactly the kind of company I’d like to be affiliated with.

This aside, at least they gave me a reason. Fusion Unlimited, a much larger agency, didn’t even bother with a reason as to why they were holding the position. This is probably the most disappointing thing – as my first impressions of them were very positive. As well as this, they knew that I’d made 2 round trips from London and spent around a whole day making a presentation for them (also the first time I had ever done this). To have the job placed on hold is frustrating, but to not even be given an apology – or even a reason – leaves an extremely sour taste in my mouth.

If it had only been one company and not the other, I wouldn’t be writing about it. When it happens twice in one week though, especially considering that I don’t live anywhere near either company – I think it’s time to make my thoughts clear on the issue.

I’m sure both companies would like to read this and I’d be happy to let them put their points across. I’m sure it wasn’t the intention of either company to leave me disheartened or upset, but unfortunately that’s the case.

I’m sure many people in the past have been affected by attending interviews and jobs being put on hold – as I have – and it can be very frustrating. This time, however, I feel the urge to speak out.