Breastlight – the device that can detect breast cancer early

11 Dec

Seen as though my previous blog post had a woman with hers out, I thought I’d write about this new product.

Breastlight is a new health and wellbeing product for women. It helps women notice any changes in their breasts over time.

With Breastlight you get a new view of your breasts. Breastlight shines a harmless red light through the breast tissue so that you can see some of the details inside. That way you can get to know what’s normal for you, spot any changes and hopefully feel more confident that you’re looking after your body the way you’d like to.

The breastlight itself costs £86.80 – which may seem expensive, but if something is wrong and you detect it early, it could be the difference between life and death.

It’s an excellent product, and one that Carbonara on Tap fully supports. Breast cancer usually affects older women, but it can strike at any time- So make sure you check them regularly.


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